Monday, February 8, 2010

Seoul, Korea

After a pretty easy flight that had the best food I've ever had on an airplane, I am now in Seoul, Korea. The airport is really clean and kind of futuristic – it makes American airports look like L.A.M.P.. My first stop was to the Korea Cultural Experience shop where I got to make a broche for free with the help of a plastic butterfly, some glitter and some glue. My little plastic souvenir masterpiece is pretty cool I must say. I sat next to a Japanese woman who was just in New York and extremely excited to talk to me. A little too excited. I then cruised the shops, taking some pictures here and there of interesting cultural things and couldn’t help but stop to buy an extra tax-free camera (Canon EOS 450D) as backup. I figure if I’m lost in the middle of the Cambodian countryside and something happens to my baby, it may be wise to have an extra buddy there.

I’ve now scored internet and am getting excited for my next leg of the trip. Nine more hours to go…

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