Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pool Parties

Naturally, Sunday could be for no other than a day in the sun!

Today, a group of volunteers and I hit up the nice saltwater pool at the Prince d'Angkor Hotel and got to do a little relaxing, swimming, drinking cocktails and most of all I was excited to get a little yoga in at the gym. While I was working out, I was slightly distracted by the TV, or the "MyTV," which was playing Korean pop music videos. I'm not sure if you've ever actually seen a Korean boy's band music video, but this one that I was lucky to catch was probably one of the funniest things I've ever experienced in my life. The song sort of sounded like something Justin Timberlake could have rocked, but with WAY less talent and WAY cheesier lyrics (it was sung in English, which made it even funnier because of the accent). I definitely don't mean to be harsh, but THAT WAS HYSTERICAL.

It was nice to finally lay back in a more 'upscale' environment to get some sun and at 3pm we made our way out to an outdoor pool/bar near the guesthouse called Aquid where Trixie, the ever funny British lady from the staff at Globalteer was celebrating her birthday. We stayed there til the sun went down, swimming, drinking cheap beer, getting to know more foreigners and cracking jokes about the cornucopia of English accents.

At night, we hit town for an ice cream and I called in for an early night to get some rest for the upcoming week, expected to be full of fun, heat, rambunctious kids, dangerous traffic and fried rice!

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  1. I am soooo jealous! Paris is gray, gray, gray and cold, cold, cold. Are you going to want to come home?!